the boys and girls

Andy Kennelly has worked in the graphics and printing industry in Los Angeles for the last two decades. This background has provided him with a broad understanding of color and composition which has served as a platform for his artistic expression. Andy uses a variety of films and cameras to create his images. He’s addicted to the sound of his Hasselblad. Andy loves living with his beautiful wife and three lovely daughters. Dark beer and dark chocolate always make his day better.

Nigel Burmester was born and raised in England. He developed a love for photography early in life, helping his Dad print photos in their makeshift darkroom. His father had such a love of photography and it was contagious. These days he loves how photography causes him to observe his surroundings, looking for light, life and beauty. He loves trying to find these in unexpected places. He mainly shoots film and the iPhone. 

Staci Lee Kennelly is mom, teacher, mentor, and housemaid to three amazing girls. She is a film photographer living in Los Angeles and is most happy when her Mamiya is loaded with Fuji Reala. She likes her cameras old, her shoes comfortable, and her whiskey neat.

Megan Burmester is the only girl in her house and she likes it that way. She fell in love with a Brit twenty-four years ago and together they produced two wonderful man-cubs. Megan loves to seek beauty in every day life and occasionally shoots film with her vintage Rolleicord named Roxy.